Printable Lunchbox Jokes

It was time for me to gather more jokes for my older son’s lunchbox.

I’ve been putting jokes in his lunchbox for a couple of years now, and he just loves it!  Josiah and his friend always read the jokes together and give it a rating – great, good, bad, really bad.  Once in a while I’ll ask if he still wants me to put them in his lunchbox, and he always says yes.  I think it’s a great way to connect with him, make him smile (or cringe if the joke is cheesy), and let him know his momma loves him.

As I searched for lunchbox jokes, I found they are a rare commodity if you want ready-to-print documents.  Sites offer a few printables here and there, but I really needed something ready-to-print, ready-to-cut-out and ready-for-tomorrow!   So I decided to create a few myself!

Here is the link to one school year’s worth of lunchbox jokes that I put together.  Only costs $7.  Or you can purchase a month’s worth of printable jokes at a time for $1.

**50% of proceeds will be donated to charity**

Here’s a free sample month of jokes for you to try out and see what this is all about:

I wanted to create something that would be useful to myself and others who are trying to make a connection with their kids at school.  My goal is to make life easier for parents and make MANY children smile in an atmosphere that is very hard for some.

I had so much fun finding these jokes!

Feel free to send along any feedback, or leave a comment!

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