Scenes From The Soul – The Sturdy Oak

The sun shines brightly on her face, on her golden hair, as she walks alone on a December morning.  It is cold outside but she feels warm, peaceful.  She is alone in the world.  This is mostly by choice, but it could also be a result of events in her past. 

On this December morning, nothing can bother her, she is at one with herself and the sun shining down on her.  There is a leisure to her stroll.  She is in no hurry.  There is no one to hurry to.  But she is happy.  She is alone ,yet surrounded.  All around her is snow, grass, and sunshine.  She can never escape the sunshine, but it isn’t too often that she tries. 

There are people in her life who mean a lot and care for her deeply.  It is something that she feels, not something that is said.  She just knows

A tree suddenly comes into view.  She knows this tree well.  Many of her memories are built on this tree. She walks to the tree and sits underneath is giant branches.  Her wish is that these branches will engulf her and hold her in their safety.  She is happy enough to sit and watch the sunlight through the branches.  She is content to lose herself in her memories.  She is never alone when she sits and leans her back against the sturdy trunk of the old Oak tree.

– Written Christmas Day, 1995


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