Graduation Day

Now I’ll never be able to hear the song “What a Wonderful World” without getting teary-eyed! My oldest son graduated from Senior Kindergarten yesterday, and the class had a short ceremony to celebrate. The kids sang a couple of songs for us, one being “What a Wonderful World”, and they gave us these beautiful books they made from their year in school (complete with a page for photos – the teacher asked for a baby photo, then she added a picture taken on the first day of school, and one taken at the end of the year – WELL, I’m getting teary-eyed just writing about that!). One family donated medals with each child’s name on them! What a great gift for my son who is VERY into getting medals and trophies! I’ll share my thoughts on the day…life passes quickly – good times and bad times, though the bad times seem longer when they are happening. Kids grow and learn and hopefully they keep talking to us and sharing their lives with us! I looked around at all the young faces yesterday, and hoped and prayed they’d all turn out OK, and they’d be friends for the most part, and they’d encourage each other towards good instead of bad. This is my hope. And from a mother’s heart…that was a tough one….watching my son on stage, looking tall and handsome, knowing another year has gone, hoping that for him it was a good year, thanking God for his wonderful teacher and the MANY things she has taught him, hoping he’ll have a similar teacher next year, knowing there’s still so much to learn (about life and about academics!), and trusting my son is in God’s hands no matter what life brings. I’ll say it again, ladies, ENJOY EACH MOMENT of motherhood as best you can! I know I am.


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