Things Are Looking Up!

Today I finally started my vacation. I’ve been away for a few days already, but today I broke free of the to-do list I’ve been carrying in my head, and just chilled with my sons, my neice and my very pregnant sister. We went to the park, had a picnic lunch on the living room floor, climbed trees (yep, I still love to do it!), and watched the old, old silver birch tree dance in the wind. We enjoyed life together. I know it’s not possible to throw away our to-do lists every day, even when on vacation, but it felt so good to throw it away today! I continue to realize the importance of seizing the moments we’re given, and making the greatest memories we can from them. Sometimes those memories require no effort, like lying in the grass and watching the trees. The effort is purely mental – to block everything else out for a few tiny moments, and just live to the fullest with what’s right in front of us. I don’t accomplish this great mental feat often, but when I do, it’s well worth the effort!


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