Lunchbox Love

We often include notes in our 6-year-old’s lunchbox to connect with him at school.  The notes give needed encouragement to kids of any age.  A few kind or funny words can speak in great ways to a young person’s heart in the midst of learning group dynamics, academic pressures, or separation issues.  When our son couldn’t read, we simply drew a picture of an eye, followed by a heart shape, then spelled out his name—the only word he knew at the time!  He loved that he could understand that on his own.  Older children would most likely appreciate a joke or riddle in their lunch, or simple words of affirmation like “You look great today!” or “Have a great day!” or “I’m so glad you’re my son/daughter.  See you later!”  You know what words will speak to your child’s heart. 

– Written for the September 2007 issue of Mom’s Moments.


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