Finding Vacation in My Every-Days

In my last blog I wondered why I felt overwhelmed after just returning from vacation. Well, now I realize it was a matter of changing routines, helping my 6-year-old adjust to a new teacher and classroom, watching my husband venture off to work every day, and being tired of the set-up of our house! So I buckled down to my new schedules (I find writing a lot of lists and filling in EVERYTHING on the calendar helps me settle into new seaons – from weekly breakfast and lunch menus to kids’ programs to what I hope to accomplish during my toddler’s nap times – I’m definitely a person who needs to see things in writing in order to function properly!). I also try my hardest to spend quality LISTENING time with my 1st-grader and help him with all the transitions he’s experiencing. For my husband I try to save at least a smidge of energy for him at the end of the day so I’m not grumpy and nagging at him. I try to talk to him about more than maintenance stuff and hope he can do that same for me. Plus Season 4 of Corner Gas just came out on DVD so I know how I’ll be spending my hubby-time for the next little while! He got me hooked about 2 years ago and now I love the show! As for my house – I couldn’t sleep one night and came up with a brilliant plan to rearrange the furniture in our small living space. I presented the idea to my husband the next morning and after the initial “No Way!” he started moving the couch and we were on our way. My interior surroundings experienced a needed switch around, and now I feel refreshed and ready for the long northern winter indoors with my littlest son. One last thing – I’ve learned that life is just plain busy, especially with children – there’s no getting around it. So how do I get through the next 15-20 years without being constantly overwhelmed? I’m going to look for tiny vacations in my every-days. Doing an errand or two alone, playing with my boys instead of just watching them play, watching a chic flick, going out with girlfriends once in while, laughing with my husband, writing newsletters and blogs, and chatting with my mom and sister on the phone are all things I enjoy. I will try to remember to put them on my lists and calendars along with all the other things that fill my days!


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