The Irony of Needing My Children

Some days are harder than others. Daily life makes me weary sometimes. Mess, clutter, crying children, dirty diapers, unpaid bills, getting everyone where they’re supposed to be (and on time!), and then what’s for dinner? There are moments when I want to scream, or run away for a few hours, or just have a minute to myself. But then…one of my sons smiles at me, or tells me a joke, or sings a song, or dances around the kitchen, or hugs me, or says he loves me, or tries out a new ninja move…and suddenly it’s alright, life is good again in that instant, my sanity is restored. Then it dawns on me that I need my children. In order to try my best to be a good mother and run the house in a way that provides stability, fun, comfort and security, I need these little people to make me laugh, to love me, to entertain me, and to distract me from worrying and stressing. Funny how life plays out – what do I need most to raise my children in a positive way? Well, I need my children! Ironic, isn’t it?


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