‘Tis the Season of Sickness!

We are experiencing our first bout of winter illness in the Sklar household. We made our first-ever family trip to the doctor last Friday – luckily only one of us needed medicine (my oldest son has sinusitis and bronchitis! Yikes! And he’s still smiling!) But I think I have to go back since my chest REALLY hurts when I cough!
So begins the time of fevers, runny noses, coughs, aches and pains. At first mention this ordeal sounds miserable, and for the most part, the days of childhood illness are exhausting for parents, and in turn we often find ourselves ill as well. But there’s another side – a softer note to the season – I saw it this week as I cared for my two sons. I woke up one day with my 2&1/2-year-old beside me (daddy had slept in with our oldest to watch his fever and listen for him coughing) and he opened his little eyes, put his little hands on my face, and said, “I love my mommy.” I mean, honestly, does life get any better than that?
This week as my son stayed home from school, there was more sibling rivalry, more work around the house, more emotional energy and creativity needed to answer all the statements of “I’m bored”. But again, there was another side – there was more time for tickle fights, cozying under the blankets to read books, making forts with the bunkbeds, baking yummy treats, talking about life, watching Christmas movies, and playing video games TOGETHER instead of me having a mountain of chores to do while one son is occupied for an hour.
As you live through another season of colds and flus, remember the flip side – though it might mean a change of routine, missing work, cancelling Christmas parties, or even illness for yourself – I encourage you to make the most of your sick days, relax and chill with your kids as much as you can, and catch a glimpse of those rare, precious moments when you KNOW you are TRULY enjoying your role as mother, despite the hardships that life inevitably brings.


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