Fill ‘Er Up!

Lately I’ve been feeling really tired, run-down, weary, empty. I long to be filled…but how do I do that? I’ve forgotten! My husband had a great idea – make a list, even if it’s a mental list, of the things you enjoy doing that “fill you up”. Mine are watching chic flicks, going for walks or hikes (even in the rain!), reading, writing, watching my boys smile and seing the world through their eyes, baking, hanging my laundry out to dry, and a new one is gardening. I also love the water – swimming, canoeing, paddle-boating, whatever! So my list is long, and that gives me alot of room for flexibility and variety. I’ve been able to plan some of these events into my days as I refocus, clear my life of all the clutter I’ve put in there recently, and remember who I am and what I love to do. Life is so full, there is so much to enjoy, if I only look for it, embrace it, and live it to the fullest. As I begin to do the things that make me Anna, the empty feelings fade, and I experience the fullness of the life that is all around me. It’s a wonderful thing.


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