Building A Strong Family

We have been working on some major home renovations these past few months.  The upstairs floor of our house had to be ripped apart – down to the studs on the walls.  I’ve noticed many parallels between building a strong home and building a strong family.

It all starts with a solid frame.  Before we started the renovations we asked a trusted contractor if our home was worth fixing in the first place.  He told us we have a solid frame and a firm foundation to build on.  In our family I know that our faith in Jesus is what we build upon.  We have a firm footing as we learn more about Him together.

There was no insulation in the walls of our old house, nothing to keep out the weather extremes of the outside world.  Before I filled the walls with R12 I had this wonderful idea.  I gathered many Bible verses and stapled them to the outside walls of our house.  What better protection for our family than the Word of God?  Then I realized that unconditional love and acceptance are what insulate a family from whatever may come from the outside.

We’re at the point now where we can start to paint.  I’m looking forward to watching our personalities come to life on the walls.  What colours will we choose?  Each member of our family is unique – each with their own hopes and dreams, likes and dislikes.  I hope our house is a place where they will discover who they are meant to be.

Last will be the flooring.  We’ll cover over creaky floor boards with laminate soon.  But I’m glad for the creaks, they remind me that our house has character and a history because of its age.  Our family has its quirks, inside jokes and shared experiences that lie beneath the surface of what others may see.  I’d never want to change the character of Team Sklar.

I look forward to watching our house become all that we’ve envisioned, and the same goes for my family as we build our home together.

– Written for the September 2008 issue of Mom’s Moments.


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