Homework Help

  • Connect with your child daily about school.
  • Establish a regular homework time – early in the evening or the morning for early risers.  Amount of time will vary for each student.
  • Set up a study area – some kids like quiet, or background music, or studying with friends.  Turning the TV off and holding phone calls will help focus your child.
  • Provide supplies needed to do homework – examples include pencils, paper, crayons, markers, ruler, eraser, tape, glue, scissors, sharpener, paper clips, dictionary, etc.
  • During your child’s homework time, get your “homework” done – pay bills, make a grocery list or plan a menu, read or write a letter.  This also makes you available if they need help, but only help if you’re asked.
  • Older children should be encouraged to use their agenda to keep track of assignments, projects, presentations and tests.
  • After-school homework clubs can often be found at schools, libraries or community centers.  Some schools offer online lessons.
  • High schools may offer peer tutoring, and there’s a free online tutoring service for teens at www.ilc.org; and for students in francophone  schools: www.sosdevoirs.org.
  • Students should have time to participate in other activities – speak to teacher if not so (more often over-scheduling is a problem… does your child have TOO many activities?)
  • Check these out for more homework help:



  • If your child is too young for school, reading to them every day is a great way to start the learning process! 

– Published in the October 2008 issue of Mom’s Moments.  www.momsmoments.ca/pdfs


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