Hope for Winter

Take heart – the days are already getting longer and it will be spring before you know it! OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a little since December 21st was officially the first day of winter. But that day was also the shortest day of the year, so the days actually ARE getting longer already! This thought will keep me going on the long, cold days ahead!
The question I have to ask myself is what will I put into those days? Will it be snowball fights, skating on the outdoor rinks in town, tobogganing, and LOTS of hot chocolate? Or will it be sulking, watching TV, eating cookies, waiting for the spring to arrive before I make an effort, and LOTS of hot chocolate? *Notice the hot chocolate will be included no matter what?!*
So far I’m happy with the choices I’ve made, the snowball fights I’ve already had, the snowmen I’ve already built, the toboganning I’ve already done, and of course the hot chocolate I’ve already shared with my sons (Carnation Rich Milk Chocolate is my favourite!).
Winter came early for us this year, with record snowfalls in early December, and continuing over the Christmas holidays. Such a huge change in weather in such a short period of time. I’ve tried to embrace it, and every time I’ve made the effort, I’m happy with the results. Seeing the rosy cheeks on my two boys, watching them create with snow, making snow angels, tackling them into the fluffy white stuff, storing away the beautiful images of heavy snow draping the evergreens, and feeling the warm glow in my heart that made it possible to stay out way beyond the time I felt the first chill.
I hope to make the same choices in the coming months – to savour the winter moments – even though it DOES take half an hour to get our snow gear on!


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