The Song of Salvation

Can you hear the tune?  It plays just for you

And for me… and for her… and for him

We’re all invited to hear the song

To open our hearts and sing


There is another who wants to steal the song

He’ll use every trick in the book

A big audience, nice clothes, a better voice

They’re just lies from the biggest crook


God is the only audience for the beautiful song

Clothes don’t matter to Him

Your voice is not what God can hear

He listens to your heart as you sing


Anyone can learn the sweet song of salvation

There are no words to rehearse

The tune keeps echoing throughout time

One single, solitary verse


The music asks us to believe in Him

And tells us there’s a plan for all

Of hope, and peace, and joy, and acceptance

As we answer to the song’s call


The song of salvation will never stop playing

Why would we want it to cease?

We sing along as we learn the song

Piece by heavenly piece

– February 6, 2009

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