What are your hopes?

Asks the Creator of the universe.

Why do you ask such a speck as me?

Why do you care what I dream?

My future lies in Your hands

Do with me what You will.

I do not know what is best for me

That is Your job, is it not?

I will do whatever You say

Follow wherever You lead

Why do You ask what I hope?

It is not important, nor am I.

Answers the speck.

I love you, My child

I see your heart, I know your dreams

I know what you are afraid to hope for.

I long to see your face as I bless you

Do not hide yourself from me.

Open your heart, your hope to me.

Let me share in your joy

When I make your dreams come true.

Beckons the One True Father of all.

Lord, You have blessed me so already

How can I ask for more?

My heart is full, my soul overflows

With all I feel for You.

There is one thing…if You don’t mind…

If it’s OK to ask….I hope…for…love…the special kind.

Says the speck.

Thank you for sharing your heart with me.

Now be a little patient

I’m preparing just the one

Ah…there we go…how’s that for special?

How can I ever thank you, Dear God?

By loving this special one with My love.

Let it spread, let it overflow

Never take Your eyes off me.

What else do you hope for?

You would bless me further still?

My heart is surely full.

How can there be room for more?

Don’t you see, child – the blessings never end.

They may not always be what you expect

But nver let the hope in you die.

Hope is a part of love

It is a part of Me.

Never let it die.

Share with me your heart, your hopes

So I may live in the blessings I bestow.

– Written August 14, 1999


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