The Marriage Room

Jesus stood at the door

Come child, you are home.

He watched her walk

Through the sturdy oak door

Smiling at her

Knowing peace and joy were hers

He took her hand

And walked her through

All the corridors and rooms

He knew so well

The house was His

Bought at a price

Somewhere in the realm

Of eternity

He turned to her

You will be safe here, child

Even as storms rage outside

And thieves try to penetrate

The strong walls of love.

There are picture frames

Hanging in the halls

Filled with memories

Both sad and happy

She asks Jesus why the rooms

Have no doors

Nothing is hidden from me, child.

When I bought this house

There was some cleaning to do

But it has been mine for many years

And it is ready for you.

Follow me

I saved the best room for you.

They walked together

Up the stairs

To the corner of the house.

Jesus stood in the best room

And asked her to trust, to never be afraid.

She stepped in

And gazed at her new home

Windows replaced walls

A skylight replaced the ceiling

These windows are unbreakable

You are always protected, child.

Out the windows she saw

The best view of her life

Mountains, trees, a lake and birds

Every animal living in harmony.

She sat on the bed

And saw picture frames on the table

Why are they empty, Lord?

Those are for you to fill, child.

Fill them with peace

Fill them with joy

Fill them with love.


– Written in 1999



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