The Quietness of the Moment

I sit in the quietness of the moment

And wait for Your voice

A leaf drops

A bird calls

As I listen for Your voice

The water ripples

Over the smooth, smooth stones

The sunlight gathers

To reveal the murkiness of the river

And yet I wait for Your voice

Shadows play and dance

On the fallen logs

As day takes over

This once-slumbering nook

And I listen for Your voice

So much life, so much creativity

I marvel at the perfect way

This beauty fits together

The waiting is over

The listening is done

I have heard You all along

In Your glorious creations

My life fits together

Just as this scene before me

One day You will show me

The special puzzle that was my life

We’ll gaze on it together

And smile into each other’s eyes

And say:  It Is Good.

– July 20, 2001


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