The Marriage Room – 2 Years Later

I sit in the room

The best room in the house

With its breathtaking views

With its windows all around

I’ve lived here for 2 years now

And I’m so happy I stayed

This best room is mine

Jesus gave it to me.

I look around the room

And see this and that

Boxes full of odds and ends

Garbage bin overflowing

The bed isn’t made

When was the last time I vacuumed?

Dust piles up

How did it get to be so messy?

Where did all this junk come from?

Did I neglect this best room

As I prepared the next room

For the visitor who comes soon?

The doorbell rings

And I rush to answer it

Jesus stands at the threshold

The Master of this house

He greets me with a tender embrace

There is no need for words

His eyes say it all

He knows about my room

All the clutter and mess

He’s here to help me

Clean out the odds and ends

But He does ask to see

The room I’ve prepared

For the visitor who comes soon

He smiles, He rejoices

Well done, My child.

It’s almost time

The visitor WILL come soon

They will feel love

They will feel warmth

They will feel blessed

Well done, My child.

Then He asks to see the best room

The one He gave me

Two years ago.

I see the smile fade

I see the sadness in His eyes

But I know He is here to help

Not to throw me out.

I tell Him I’m sorry

I don’t remember this clutter

It seems I was too busy

With the other.

His eyes sparkle again

He holds out His hand

I know, My child, I understand.

Remember this best room

Must always come first

Never neglect it

Never leave it a mess

I will take all the clutter

And junk that has collected.

Think of it no more

Be more careful in the future.

I gave you this room

Because I love you, My child.

It was a gift

Don’t ever forget that.

Take care of this room

Put up pictures

Hang up plants!

LIVE here, LOVE here

You are free to do that.

Why do the picture frames

Still stand empty?

Fill them with memories

Let them stay here with you

Don’t shut them out

It’s OK to let them in.

I’ll be back to check

On this best room of yours

Please, My child

Keep it clean and tidy

Fill it with life and love and happiness.

My heart rejoiced

As the Master walked away

For the gift was still mine

The clutter was gone

I opened the windows

Let the fresh air enter

And thanked my God

For this best room in the house.

– Written August 6, 2001


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