Connecting With My Best Friend

I haven’t spent much time with God lately.  I miss Him very much.  His patience amazes me.  I know He’s waiting for me to open myself up to Him.  I know He wants me to let go of my grip on the things in life, to give Him all that’s in my heart, my head and my soul. 

I might even be avoiding Him, and finding my solace in fleeting things like food, TV and finishing the home renovations.  I don’t know.

The longer I go without reading my Bible, or learning something new about God, or praying, or spending time with other Christians, the emptier and emptier I feel. 

Even 12 years after rededicating my life to God, I still choose to ignore my best friend sometimes.  But I think this is the longest I’ve gone without intentionally connecting with Him.       

I’ve discovered I still need Him.  Maybe even more so than when I first gave my life to Him.  This puts to rest the nagging thoughts that maybe I was just going through the motions of Christianity as I diligently read my Bible, prayed and went to church.  Now I know that I do those things because I want to, need to, choose to.  Not because someone tells me to.     

I’ve discovered that everything I am is wrapped up in who God is.  At least, that is how I want it to be.  I want to, need to reflect His love, hope and peace to a very hurting world.  I want people to see Jesus when they look at me. 

This morning I finally spent time with God.  And you know what?  He missed me too, I could feel it.  It was good to connect with my best friend.


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