Music to My Heart

We have a keyboard that sits in my bedroom, sometimes waiting for weeks for someone to play it.  I am so happy when one of my boys turns it on and experiments with different sounds and lyrics.  It’s music to my heart.  So far I haven’t been able to get the oldest to realize that lessons would be a good idea (though he’s very interested in learning to play the drums!), and my youngest is only 3 – still a little young for lessons.

This morning my littlest guy turned on the piano, and what followed was a masterpiece in my opinion.  He sat on my lap, banged out a melody on the keys and sang, “I love my mommy and she loves me.  I love my daddy and he loves me.  I love my brother and he loves me, but he doesn’t like it when I give him kisses.”  It was so beautiful!  To hear my son singing his love for me, and his confidence in my love for him just made my heart soar.  Better than Handel – well, to some extent!


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