Answered Prayer

We pray with our boys as we drive our oldest to school in the mornings.  This morning my husband prayed that I would see something of Jesus.  Sometimes he says things like that, hopes things like that for me… and I always get a little anxious about how God will answer those prayers – what if it means stepping out of my comfort zone?  It’s not easy for me – an introvert, fighting off a sore throat and throbbing head, trying to get through my daily schedule of playgroups, errands, housework, all while trying not to yell at my stubborn preschooler.

Today I did see Jesus – I have hoped for a while to know my neighbours better, and today one of them stopped into our yard, with all the kids she watches in her home daycare, and I couldn’t have been happier about it.  My boys played with a few kids, I had some great conversation, and soaked up some precious sunshine as well.  Jesus loved to stop and talk to people, people felt so free to drop in on Him, He welcomed so many into His presence just by being Himself.  My boys showed me Jesus today – they were happy to welcome others, spend time with them, and just enjoy life with them.

And again I saw Jesus at dinnertime – we stopped to pick up a pizza, a man was walking along the road and suddenly went down, partially falling under a truck that was stopped for traffic.  The truck driver didn’t see him, I watched in horror as the man’s head lay beside one of the back tires, and my husband leaned in the horn and shouted for the driver to stop.  The sound of the horn roused the fallen man, and his head bolted up to safety, my husband saved his life I’m sure.  My hero.  Then Josh ran out of our van, helped the fallen man up and over to sit on a bench.  I joined my husband and the man, we talked with him for a minute, he was shaking and needed to get to a store down the street.  Josh offered to help him along.  As they walked my husband discovered the man was dizzy from lack of food, yet he was going to spend the little money he had to buy cigarettes at the store.  Heartbreaking.  Josh hugged him, and I’m sure prayed for him as he left him at his destination and rejoined us in our van.  My husband showed me Jesus as he saved a life, helped a stranger, walked and talked with him for a while, and showed compassion. 

That’s how Josh’s prayer was answered today – I hope that when others looked at me today they saw something of Jesus.  I hope that serving others and enjoying their presence will become such a part of my life that next time I’ll think to offer the stranger some pizza, or maybe even sit on the roadside and eat with him.


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