Scenes From The Soul – The Journey

She stands in the middle of a long, windy road.  There is a long journey ahead of her.   She has no idea where it will take her, what she will experience, or who she will be when it’s all over.  There will be many forks in the road, and she will have to do her best to pick the right route.  No map is given for this journey; she will have to rely on God to navigate the directions.  There will be big potholes to avoid, and places of rest to find along the way.  Sometimes she will saunter down the road with no particular place to go, and other times she will run so fast that she will exhaust herself in a hurry.  The scenery will amaze her; she will discover so many beautiful mountains and valleys on the journey.

Best of all, SHE WILL BE CHANGED by the journey.  It’s not that she hates who she is or any of the things in her life.  She has bad days and certain vices just like everyone else, but she is overall very happy with her life.  She just knows there’s MORE.  

And that’s where her journey begins.


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