Survival Days

Some days it’s just about surviving.  Mothering my boys sometimes brings these glorious, perfect days that I wish would never end.  I connect with them – we laugh and play and talk.  We’re on time for everything, there are no tantrums or frustration (for any of us – including me!), and the beds were even made before school.  At the end of these days all I can see in my mind is their smiles and their beautiful eyes looking at me with joy and love.  What a wonderful feeling!  I feel great on these days – like I can handle the job of mother no problem.

Then there’s survival days.  I had one yesterday.  We were late out the door in the morning, I had to doze on the couch by 11am (I absolutely crashed – maybe from the antibiotics I’m on?), I continued to have zero energy, couldn’t play much, my son was bored, we ate too much Easter candy and I spent too much time on the computer (maybe I was bored too with having no energy to do anything else?!).  By the end of the day I saw moments of fatigue, distraction, frustration and impatience in my mind – not much connection, not many smiles.

Motherhood brings good days and bad days.  That’s simply life.  I’ll try to remember to take the good, learn from the bad, enjoy the moments as much as I can, forgive myself and my kids and move on to the next day.  You never know what it will bring!


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