Happy Mother’s Day

Thank you.  For reading what I write, for sharing life with me, for supporting me, for encouraging me.  I feel so blessed today.  I know I live a full life with many good things wrapped up in it.  There are so many who don’t.  I pray new things for them and I hope new life for them. 

Mother’s Day is such a reminder that my life is way more than I ever imagined.  I was actually overwhelmed at breakfast, by the love my guys showed me.  They spoiled me, you know?  And usually it’s me trying to find new ways to spoil them.  I didn’t expect it.  Not because I don’t think they can pull it off, but because I feel spoiled every day.  I really do.  Hugs and kisses from an adorable almost-four-year-old with freckles on his nose and a GREAT smile.  Mischievious smirks and ‘I love you mom’ as my 7&1/2-year-old flies into his classroom on a school day (I wonder if he’ll mind if I walk him into class in grade 8 – do you think I can still get away with it then?).  And mid-day phone calls and holding my husband’s hand as we drive out in the mornings to face the day. 

I don’t ever want to expect more… I always want to be happy with what my guys give to me.  I don’t ever want to hold them up to an ideal… I always want to be happy with who they are.  Encourage them to more when needed, but love them for who they are.

I hope you had an AMAZING day today – whatever it brought to your life – whether you’re a mom or not.  Blessings abundant on you!


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