Faith From the Mouth of a Babe…

These are some really cute things my just-turned-four-year-old said recently – I jotted them down so I don’t forget them!

  • God is watching over us.  Everybody in the world.
  • I praise the Lord that God has come to save us.
  • God gives us a million life in our hearts, so you can’t die. (The “million life” might have been inspired from watching his older brother play video games, but still… he’s connecting his concepts together, right?)
  • When people die, just bodies die, not life and heart.  Only one thing dies.

And when he saw me writing down what he was saying, he asked me to write down this prayer:

Dear God, thank You for watching over us and You are strong and healthy.  And thank you God for Sarah (a good friend of ours).  And thank You God for rest.  And wrestling.  And going to bed.  And taking a nap.  And drawing with pencil crayons and markers.  And thank You God for Jesus and God.  And thank You God that Jesus and God are brave and strong and invisible.  Thank You God for Jesus and God that are healthy and strong.  Amen.

I’m posting this to encourage you all, and share something wonderful and CUTE!  My littlest man has his bad days, just like all other kids, but sometimes he has these GREAT moments, and I want to remember those as I strive to live out the “bad” moments with patience and love!

Hold on to the good, take what you can from the bad, and just keep going – you really ARE impacting your kids!


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