I Was Amazed On A Recent Field Trip…

This was my first field trip without my youngest son tagging along (which I never minded).  I had a chance to hang out with my 8-year-old’s Grade 3/4 class,  spend time with his friends, and just check out the whole “scene” as we ventured off to a Remembrance Day Ceremony at the local arena.  I was a little worried before I went – I didn’t know if Josiah really wanted me to go.  I’m nervous about overstepping my bounds as he gets older.  He’s my first, and he’s absolutely teaching me everything I know about mothering boys.  Poor guy!  So I double-checked that he still wanted me to go, and he reassured me all was well, so I went!

I’m so glad I did… it started with me entering his classroom and him shouting, “Mommy!”  The kids snickered a little, but it was all good.  I smiled at them and joined the group.  Then I didn’t have a chair to sit on, and my little gentleman went across the room and got one for me.  I find great hope in the chivalry that he showed me – one day I WILL have a daughter-in-law -and she will be AWESOME!  Here’s where I try not to start gushing about finally doing some girly things and playing with grandbabies (I’m way too young to think this way – good grief!).

The field trip just got better and better.  Josiah saved me a seat on the bus – I was way behind him in line to get on the bus, and I came up the steps to the sound of him yelling, “Seat saved!”  FOR ME!  My heart came up my throat.  We chatted on the way to the arena, we talked with some of his fellow classmates, and then the ultimate thing… the icing on the cake… he held my hand as we walked into the arena.  Life does not get any better.  I was more self-conscious than he was – wondering what the other kids were thinking, would they make fun of him later, hoping there weren’t any bullies watching.  Silly mommy. 

I realized something great that day – Josiah is still my little boy.  He’s growing up more and more, he’s almost as tall as me, he hates it when I try to pamper him, he’s becoming more independent by the second, but he still does and always will love me.  And sometimes he’ll hold my hand on a field trip and proclaim to the world that he’s happy that I’m with him, that I’m special enough to warrant getting a chair for me to sit on, and saving me a seat on the bus, and shouting, “Mommy!” with such joy at the sight of me. 

Some days will be completely different and I’ll wonder where the field trip son went, but I’ll know he’s in there somewhere. 

I catch these glimpses sometimes of the man he’s becoming, and those glimpses are such a treat.  On the field trip I caught a glimpse of how he’ll treat the most special woman in his life.  And one day that won’t be me.  I’ll enjoy it while it’s still my turn, but I’m also really, really, really happy that one day my little boy will make a woman feel so loved, cherished, and respected – like the way I felt on Wednesday. 

Can’t wait for the next field trip!


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