Crispy Crunch For Santa

It started out as a quick trip to Sears to pick up a parcel.  Then as I went to park in the usual area of the shopping mall lot, I just had to turn around and park in the lot I NEVER even think to park in.  But it was pleasantly quiet, and I was glad for the change. 

There were kiddie rides in the mall entrance and Elijah had to stop and try them all out, and what the hey, I even tried one out too! 

Then at the Sears entrance, we saw him – Santa Claus (or a reasonable facsimile).  He looked jolly enough and the only other child in sight was too busy proclaiming her disinterest in sitting on Santa’s lap, so I gave Elijah the option of visiting with the man in red and white.

They had a lovely chat – Santa and Elijah.  I watched them and smiled from a distance.  Elijah informed Santa that he didn’t like the candy canes Santa was giving out, and they went on to have an elaborate conversation about the best kind of candies and their favourite kinds of chocolate.   From my eavesdropping I learned that Elijah really wants Space Police Lego for Christmas (duly noted – already picked some out for him while in the Sears store) and that this particular Santa’s favourite chocolate bar was Crispy Crunch.

An idea formed in my head and I presented it to Elijah – we agreed that it would be great to buy a Crispy Crunch for Santa and give it to him on our way back out of the mall.

Then I found out I’d gone to the wrong Sears store.  HHHMmmmmmm…. what are you up to God?  That happened to be the only reason I’d come to the mall (I avoid malls as much as possible, especially around Christmas).  The only thing I could think of was that there was a Santa Claus in a shopping mall somewhere who happened to need a little boy to give HIM something for Christmas, so that maybe that would help him be a jolly old soul to all the kids who would visit him in the mall this Christmas season.

We found our Crispy Crunch at the other end of the mall, Elijah told the cashier who it was for, big smile on her face and “Say hi to Santa for me!” – first person blessed.

We retraced our steps to Santa, rehearsing what Elijah would say, my heart ecstatic at the idea – what fun!  Then my little man went up and sat down beside Santa again, Crispy Crunch hidden behind his back.  At just the right moment, he pulled it out and said “Here, this is your favourite.  Merry Christmas.”  It’s a good thing he’d chosen to wear his sunglasses to the mall that day, because his smile was bright enough to light up the whole place, along with everyone else’s smiles at that moment.  Second, third, and fourth persons blessed – Santa, Mrs. Claus and the photographer.

Mrs. Claus approaches Elijah and says, “You have such a wonderful spirit and a great big heart.”  Fifth person blessed – my Elijah.

We walked away, hand in hand, my son and I – sixth person blessed – me. 

Sometimes I’m so in the moment that I can see it all, from every angle, and not miss a thing.  Today I had one of those moments.  There are times when life is so busy and distracting that I must miss a million moments, but today I didn’t. 

Thank You God for sending Elijah and I on a wonderful detour to the North Pole to give a little back and bless a lot of people – including You.

– I’ll add this post to Anna’s Faith At Home Articles.


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