Living In The Moments

My little men sleep.  But oh, how annoyed they’d be with those words!  So I’ll subtly change that first sentence to read My young men sleep.  For there is nothing little about my two sons.  They have big personalities, big voices, big imaginations, big ideas and most important of all – big hearts.  Thank God I get to be loved by these two young men.

This blog of mine is called Living In The Moments.  Yet I find that lately I’ve been living those moments once the boys are asleep, once all is quiet, once I can reflect and process and play out the day just one more time.  I wish for, hope for, long for a change in me that allows me to live in the moments while there’s still daylight! 

To really look into my son’s eyes and see the ultimate beauty of innocence, purity and child-like wonder.  To really hear their laughter that fills my house with sounds sweeter than any music I’ve ever heard.  To really play with them, no inhibitions, no to-do lists, no chores or schedules looming in the back of my mind.  To absolutely live in the moment.  Oh God, I ask for so much more of this in my days.  That it won’t all just blur together into a haze of fatigue and mundane.  To be able to see the depth in their eyes, hear the joy in their laughter, live in their world as we play.

Tonight as I peek at them sleeping soundly in their beds, may I remember the day with such clarity and peace and joy because I lived in today with my boys.  And not have a sense of missed opportunities or drudgery from the day.  Please let it be so tonight, and tomorrow night, and the next night and the next – on into forever.  Living in as many moments as I can cram into a day, even if we never leave the house for a second. 

It’s all about enjoying them and the gifts they are to me.  Hoping to be a gift to them.  Thank You God, for the wonder of motherhood, and all the unexpected treasures it’s given me these past 8 years.


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