Scenes From The Soul – I See You

She sits at her computer, focused on the work at hand. When she started her work it had been a dreary winter day.  Nothing but gray sky and snowy ground had greeted her when she looked out her office window.    It was hardly worth opening the blind.  But the scene outside had changed as the minutes counted down her busy day.  She was almost done her work, it was almost time to leave, and she suddenly felt a warmth through the window that spread to her soul, beckoning her to stop, to look, to listen.  She turned her face to the sun and heard His voice.  The voice that was unmistakable, unshakable, unimaginable.  So clear, so beautiful, so real.

I see you child.  I see you working.  I see your ideas, your plans, your dreams.  Don’t be afraid of them, don’t let go of them, don’t detour from them.  I put them there and I will use them for My glory.  My purposes are more than you can fathom.  Just trust me.  Leave it with me.  Don’t carry it all on your shoulders.  You were never meant to.

I see you child.  When you think you are not enough for the task ahead, remember that I am enough.  Every word is from me.  Hear them in your soul and share them with others.  I will take those words where I want them to go.  I will use your efforts, your obedience and your trust for such wonderful things.  One day I’ll share with you all we’ve accomplished – together.

I see you child.  I see the woman you are today.  I saw the woman you were yesterday.  I see the woman you will one day be.  She is absolutely breathtaking because her heart has been mine for many, many years.  Truly mine.  I’ll give you glimpses of her once in a while, but you are not ready to be that woman yet.  You need to grow into her shoes.  Always remember how beautiful you are today, simply because I see you through My eyes of love, and you are My perfect child.  Made holy by My Son.  Redeemed, pure, mine

Never forget that I see you child, I love you child, and you are good.


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