New Version of Old Poem

My mum had a poem hung on her wall that I memorized early on in life.  She cross-stitched the letters into words that made a real impact on me, and I remember them even now.  My firsrt blog post ever was about those words.  Here they are again, along with an updated version of my own that I’ve thrown in.  (Note:  I realize it’s truly ironic that I’m writing this in my blog, using my computer!)

     Mum’s Poem                                   My Updated Version

Cleaning and scrubbing                    Emailing and blogging

can wait till tomorrow…                    are for another day

for babies grow up                             for my boys will grow

we’ve learned to our sorrow…      and stop wanting to play…

so quiet down cobwebs….               so close down the inbox…

dust go to sleep…                                turn off computer’s hum…

I’m rocking my baby                          Boys want new adventures

and babies don’t keep!                      And mommy wants to come!


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