Service With A Smile

My oldest son had an idea the other day.  He came to Josh and I with a request to make the bedtime snack, to make something a little special for his brother.  Please understand – the way these two boys fight sometimes, I almost broke down in tears just from the words “I want to make a surprise for Elijah”.  They really do love each other – yes they do!  Hallelujah!

Josiah laid out the plan – starting with a piece of toast (he’s gotten very good with the toaster oven), then a layer of jam, then some fruit for eyes, nose and mouth.  We would keep Elijah out of the scene until the surprise was completed, then TA-DA! 

There was apprehension – would his little brother like the surprise?  When Elijah discovered there would be a surprise, his mind immediately went to the toy he’d like most that day.  So would he like the gift if it came from the heart (and the kitchen), and not from the toy store?  I reassured him his brother would LOVE it, because he LOVES Josiah.

The surprise went according to plan – I let Josiah make the whole thing, I was only there if he needed me, oh, and I did cut the apple slice for the mouth and halve the grape for the eyes, and I did wash the strawberry nose.  Then came the presentation – the perfect plate and the perfect spot.  It was all ready.

A shout up the stairs brought our youngest son down to his surprise…. and… he LOVED it!  They were both grinning from ear to ear – the blessed and the blesser.  It was absolutely amazing for my mommy-heart to see that, and to have that memory for my treasure box of motherhood.

I’m TRYING to hear my boys – REALLY hear them, to let them work out their own personalities, to mess up my schedules and plans sometimes, and to just be in the moment. 

This little plate of love, toast, fruit and jam was a beautiful act of service – with a smile.  Smiles all around.  A wonderful thing to all who had a part in making and devouring it.


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