Scenes From The Soul – Jesus In The Every-Days

She went about her day, just like any other day full of errands, household chores, and caring for her family.  They had just come back from vacation and things were a little muddled.  She began by taking her oldest son to a non-existent dentist appointment, then proceeded with the grocery shopping, the oil change for the van, and the hunt for tulle to make a veil for an up-coming wedding.  It was all very mundane.  But as she drove home, most of her tasks completed, the grayness of the mundane dispersed and she saw what had really happened that day.  She’d really spent the day with her Saviour, letting Him lead a little, following Him as He went about His purposes for her day.

Did you see me at the fabric store?  Did you see My grace in you as you talked with the clerk who was adamant that they’d never carried the tulle you needed, though I know you’d bought it there many times before?  All she needed was a simple smile and thank you, instead of a fight with a stubborn customer.  Thank you for letting me be there with you.

Did you see me at Walmart?  Did you see My encouragement in you as you started a conversation with the woman who tends that beautiful garden down the street?  You’ve always admired that garden, you’ve seen it at least twice a day for the past 6 years, driving in and out of your neighbourhood.  I set up the perfect “coincidence” for you today – to run into the garden lady.  I know it was hard for you to start the conversation, I know how shy you are at times, and I heard you as you prayed “If I see her one more time I’ll say something”  It only took three of those prayers today!  Then I knew you could not deny the inevitable and I gave you the perfect words to encourage the garden lady and put a smile on her face today, and let her know someone appreciates the beauty in her hard work.  Don’t worry, it gets easier the more you do it, and maybe next time you’ll only pray one of those “If” prayers!  Ha ha, and thank you for making Me smile.

Did you see me at the grocery store?  Did you see my compassion in you as you stopped, just for a moment, and noticed the care that man took to clean up those carts?  It was important to him, and you listened as he told you, and you helped him clean up the last few carts.  Did you hear him say thank you?  

She returns to her house and her chores, and the mundane-ness stays away for the rest of the day… and maybe the next day and the next too?  And she realizes that with Jesus, there is no mundane.

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