I got a blister from gardening last week.  It’s right on the joint of my finger, so it’s taking a while to heal, it got infected and it hurts!

Yesterday it occurred to me that I’m putting alot of focus on my little boo-boo.  In the midst of the slight pain I feel from it, I totally forget about all the things that are going right with my body.  I’m overall in very good health and no complaints to speak of!  I take my good health for granted all the time.

I think it’s like that in all areas of my life.  My first tendency is to notice what’s not working right, what’s not efficient, what’s hurting me or others I love.  The Gratitude Community I joined is helping me focus on the positive, and learning to let go of my perfectionism (at least in some areas!), it helps me relax and enjoy the wonderful things in my life a little more.

It gets easier to see the good in my days, which far outweigh the bad.  With God there is always good, because He is good.

My boo-boo is healing and so am I –  from my pessimism and perfectionism.  More smiles, more laughter, more peace – a win-win situation.  Yes, I still hurt, still feel pain and still need to heal, but in the midst of that I can find ALOT of good.

What are the good things in your life?  Start to make a list and see how it changes you from the inside out!

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