Glimpses of Heaven

A week ago I was swimming in a Northern Ontario Lake at sunset.  My huband and my sons joined me for the swim.  Just us.  It felt like we had the whole lake to ourselves.  We laughed together, played together and cooled off together.  We stopped for a “cloud moment” and gazed at the many types of clouds God had laid across the horizon just for us to see.  Or so it felt like that night. 

Sometimes I get these glimpses of heaven, of what life will be like one day in eternity.  No sadness, anger, sin, frustration.  Just pure joy.  No hurt, murder, fighting, evil.  Just indescribable love.  No earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes or floods.  Just complete rest.

But then I realize it will be way, way better than anything I can imagine, and I shake my head with incredulity, and I carry on in the moments I’ve been given, taking that gift with me.  That gift of a glimpse of what will be.  And I thank God that just for a split second I got to live it out here.


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