Through The Bible With Children

It is my heart’s desire to raise my sons to have a relationship with God.  I hope for them to grow into the men they were made to be, equipped and strengthened with the knowledge that God loves them unconditionally, and He is their Heavenly Father.  This desire has encouraged me to grow in my own relationship with God.  It’s amazing how it all works together for everyone’s benefit!

One of the things we have done with our boys since they were born is read them Bible stories.  I love to tell them the stories of God’s people and help them learn from the past.  There really is something for everyone in the pages of God’s Word.  Our boys love the battles especially.  There is also romance, drama, comedy and action adventure found in the stories of the Bible.  I supposes there is even a little sci-fi in the visions that some Biblical characters had of heaven and future events!

Right now we are reading from The One Year Bible for Children:

I am trying out something new and have switched up the timing of the stories.  I hope to read through the Bible stories in a way that suits our calendar a little better.  This way the Easter stories will be read around the time of Easter, and the Christmas stories will be read around the time of Christmas.

I plotted out a reading chart to go along with The One Year Bible for Children that differs from the order in which it is laid out in the book.

At the beginning of the summer, instead of at the beginning of the new year, we start in Genesis.  At this point we are reading about the Israelites in the wilderness and have just read about building the Tabernacle.

I would love to share more about the reading of Bible stories in relation to events on our modern-day calendar.  I’ll post more as I learn more.

Also, I’ve started reading the Bible stories before they climb into their own beds, instead of at breakfast when it’s always too rushed and gets forgotten more often than not.  We’ll see how it goes!

The point is to never stop trying and changing it up to suit your changing and growing family!

– I’ll give this post a home in the Faith At Home section of my blog


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