The Words That Remain

holy experience

The words are there, just when I need them, always.  They remain, they are a constant, some going back decades, others new to me.

Words of the Bible.  Words of God.  It’s like riding a bike – you never forget how to peddle and balance.  Like learning to play the piano – seven years of lessons that allow me to play a tune whenever I feel like it.  I just KNOW those things.  They are part of me, ingrained, remaining with me though the years pass along sometimes at an alarming rate.

The verses come, whenever I need them.  Sometimes I can’t remember where to find them in the Book, sometimes I skip words and the poetry of the verse is lost as I speak, but the truth, the wisdom, the peace, and the love are never lost.

I’ve been speaking them more into my life lately – the Words That Remain.  Reading them every morning, and never getting enough.  Hearing them in my heart and trying so hard to listen.  Sharing them with my sons and hoping they hear The Writer in His words.

I don’t have a plan right now, I don’t know how to get more of them into my life, except to keep reading, keep learning, keep growing in the Words That Remain.


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