Two Coins

holy experience

One summer Sunday morning I was driving my boys to church and my oldest son asked if we could turn around. When I asked why he answered, “I want to get my allowance and give it all to God.”

I WAS SHOCKED! My son was saving his allowance, doing extra jobs for money and building things to sell at our yard sale (as well as managing a refreshment stand)! He was intent on getting a new video game system and game he really wanted.

A couple of weeks earlier his uncle had offered him the sytem and game for free. Then as he saved for another toy, that one was given to him for free as well by another relative.

Well, I did turn around that morning, but I also wanted to get a better idea of my son’s motives before he gave up all his savings.

“How much allowance do you want to give?” I asked.

“All of it!” he replied calmly.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I got the things I wanted already and I keep thinking about the story of that woman with the two coins and I always thought that was something I’d like to do. Plus I’ll just get more.”

My brain scrambled to think of an answer.

“Wow,” was all I could say, “I’m so proud of you.”

The faith of my son blew me away. His young heart was content with what he already had, and he knew it was good to give. He trusted that there would be enough for whatever he wanted next, or that he was OK to wait a while for it.

Sometimes I learn these great life lessons from my children. I hope to take this lesson of faith, trust, generosity and contentment with me far into the future.


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