A Walk In The Woods

I was visiting my family recently while Josh was away for another round of Master’s courses at Wheaton College.

I always enjoy my time with family – special memories always wait for us there.  Watching the cousins grow up together warms my heart and I wish the distance between both sides of our family was a little shorter and we could see Josh’s wonderful relatives more often than we do. 

At times it has been extremely hard and lonely living in the north.  Despite the beauty of this place we call home and the opportunities we have been blessed with here, I long for Sunday dinners and holidays with family and sharing traditions of those we love.

Then I am reminded of our life here, and all that means, and I know there is alot of good here and we live a life that most people in this world can never imagine, and the longing stops, and I live in what I have, the best I can live it, every day I am given.

Here’s a few snapshots of our most recent walk in the woods with my sister, her daughter and her son.  We have a new tradition forming and hike the same path each time we visit.  I am excited to see this trail in all the seasons and snap pictures of our adventures there.  It is a truly beautiful place!


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