Christmas Tree Traditions

December Photo Project

I’m going to jump in on the December Photo Project a bit late… I spent this past week cleaning up after a major round of home renovations!

Here’s my favourites from the day we set up the Christmas tree:

Josh found the totes of Christmas decorations in the depths of our house and brought them up to see which ones would work in our newly renovated space!

We enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate as we gather strength for the task ahead.

Josh plays his favourite Christmas carol for us (this is also my mum’s favourite).

We listen to a few more favourites as we contemplate the best spot for our artificial tree.  I’ve always wanted a tree in the window, so that when we come home, it’s waiting for us, all lit up and festive-looking, as we pull into our long driveway.

As the boys get older they are helping out more and more, and they were very excited to put the tree together with me.

Me and the boys, after the tree is up and decorated!  Josh had to run out twice for lights and extension cord, we had fun putting our own decorations on the tree, and then we sat back and enjoyed the result of our efforts. 

As I was growing up, my mum would give each of us kids an ornament every year so that when we left home we’d have plenty of ornaments for our own Christmas trees.  She tried to match up each ornament with a specific detail about us from that year, or a fond memory. 

I’ve carried this tradition on to our boys.  Last year I asked them what their favourite Bible story was, then found art matching that story online, then printed it out, laminated it, punched a hole in it and strung a string through it!  I think I’ll carry on that idea this year as well.  The boys usually find their new ornament for that year in their stockings on Christmas morning.


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