December Photo Project

I tried something a little different this year…

I’ve been curious to know more about Jesus and what life was like for Him as He was growing up.  I want to catch as many glimpses as I can of my Saviour.  One idea I had was to research a little more about Jewish customs and their holidays.  Holidays that Jesus would have celebrated. Holidays that I can introduce to my boys, and have some fun with them while teaching them more about the life of Jesus.

The first day of Hanukkah was December 1st (forgive me if I’m getting any of this wrong!).  So I looked up the Story of Hanukkah, and printed out a Word Search for Josiah and a Colouring Page for Elijah. 

I set up nine candles on the table and Josh read the Hanukkah story to the boys as they waited for dinner to get ready.

After dinner the boys had some fun filling in their activity sheets and learning more about Hanukkah.

We enjoyed some Cinnamon Apple Cake  for dessert.  This is a very moist cake usually served at Hanukkah – YUMMY!

I’m looking forward to learning about more of the Holidays Celebrated By Jesus.


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