Tobogganing Fun

December Photo Project

I took a little break yesterday from everything ’cause it was my birthday!  Number 37 to be exact.  Don’t feel one bit of 37.  I hardly feel 30. 

Here’s some snapshots of our first toboganning run on the weekend.  We had some GREAT snowfalls the past couple of weeks, and the hill around the corner is ripe for the sledding!

Grabbed the toboggans, now we walk to the hill! 

Here’s our first view of the hill – now begins the task of packing down the snow with a few initial runs.  Up the hill we go!

And down we go!  The race is on!

Happy Elijah – this is the first year he’s made it all the way down on his own without being scared. 

Josiah is a little more daring and he’s been trying to surf down the hill – standing up on his toboggan.  I think it’s time to get this boy on a snowboard.

Josh and I enjoy toboganning ALMOST as much as the boys.  It hurts us a little more than it does them, but no pain no gain right?

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