The Tooth Fairy Makes A Special Visit


Elijah had some dental surgery done last week – poor guy.  He was a real trooper – he had to go to the hospital and have the sleeping gas and everything.  I prepared him as best I could…. I told him I wouldn’t be able to go into the sleeping room with him or be there right when he woke up, but I’d been praying for the nicest and best nurses and doctors to help him with sleeping and waking up and fixing his teeth.  I told him as soon as he was awake enough, the nurse would come get me, and I’d run in and say, “There’s my Elijah!”  And give him a big hug.

That usually made him laugh.   And he did really well and he’s my hero.  The anaesthetic threw him for a loop and he was pukey for 24 hours.  He came out of it slowly but surely, and was running around by the night following the surgery.

Elijah had to have two teeth pulled out (and 7 more needed at least a little work done!), and he was excited to put them under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy.

Here he is the next day when he finally remembered to check under his pillow.  I told him I guess the Tooth Fairy brings more money for teeth the you had to go the hospital to have taken out!  So he got a toonie for each one.  He was pretty happy about that!


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