December Photo Project

Every year we build a quincy – a snow cave – in our front yard.  We wait until there’s a good pile of snow on the ground, then Josh runs the snowblower in a circle a few times and blows the snow into a big pile.  We dig out a cave when the pile of snow settles a little.

Here’s a few snapshots of our snow caves over the years.  This will be our 5th cave I believe!

Winter 2005-2006:  Josiah has just finished watching Aladdin and he wants to call this the Cave of Wonders.  We put a milk crate in later and we can store treasures in there.

Winter 2006 – 2007:  I don’t think there was a snow cave this year.  I don’t think there was very much snow.  Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I do remember feeding the ducks on Christmas Eve one year – it must have been this year.  A green Christmas and not much white the rest of the winter either!

Winter 2007 – 2008:  We forgot to take a picture of our snow cave until it was almost melted away!

Winter 2008-2009: The snow cave was a great one!  Good times had by all!

Winter 2009 – 2010:  The snow cave was AWESOME – it lasted forever and we finally had to break it apart with shovels in the spring. 

Winter 2010 – 2011:  And now we come to the beginnings of our snow cave for this year!  It looks a bit small still (or is it just that Josiah is getting bigger?!) and we haven’t dug out the cave yet.  But it’s a good start!

One comment

  1. Here’s a little quincy building tip…cut branches about 1 foot long and stick them into the outside of the quincy all around (sides and top)…all the way till the tips are at the same level as the snow. Then when you start your excavation you will only dig as far as the end of the tips and it will give your quincy a uniform wall depth from bottom to top. It will also act as a guide. So my question for you is…when will you be daring enough to sleep in it over night? 😉


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