December Photo Project

Every year we build a quincy – a snow cave – in our front yard.  We wait until there’s a good pile of snow on the ground, then Josh runs the snowblower in a circle a few times and blows the snow into a big pile.  We dig out a cave when the pile of snow settles a little.

Here’s a few snapshots of our snow caves over the years.  This will be our 5th cave I believe!

Winter 2005-2006:  Josiah has just finished watching Aladdin and he wants to call this the Cave of Wonders.  We put a milk crate in later and we can store treasures in there.

Winter 2006 – 2007:  I don’t think there was a snow cave this year.  I don’t think there was very much snow.  Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I do remember feeding the ducks on Christmas Eve one year – it must have been this year.  A green Christmas and not much white the rest of the winter either!

Winter 2007 – 2008:  We forgot to take a picture of our snow cave until it was almost melted away!

Winter 2008-2009: The snow cave was a great one!  Good times had by all!

Winter 2009 – 2010:  The snow cave was AWESOME – it lasted forever and we finally had to break it apart with shovels in the spring. 

Winter 2010 – 2011:  And now we come to the beginnings of our snow cave for this year!  It looks a bit small still (or is it just that Josiah is getting bigger?!) and we haven’t dug out the cave yet.  But it’s a good start!


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