Thoughts on a new year

Here’s an excerpt from my recent The Family Forum newsletter.  I thought I’d post a couple of articles from the newsletters on the weekends.  I hope you enjoy them! 

2011… Hmm… I wonder what this year will mean to me. To my family. To my church. To my community. To my city.

When I think back over the year of 2010 I can’t believe all that happened in those 12 short months. It’s amazing how life can seem such a blur sometimes. Yet I can grab snapshots in my mind as I play back the year, snapshots that hold such precious memories. Some of them sad and stretching, some of them unexpected and fun.

As I enter into this new year I am excited for what is coming – for the things I can see at least. I’m sure there will be much to experience that will throw me for a loop and I hope to react well to

what I cannot see.

I have many ideas floating around in my head and in my heart. I’ve been able to put some to paper and map out a plan on how to live them out in our home.

One of the ideas I’m excited about most is reading through the Bible in a year – I developed a Bible reading plan that allows me to read a passage in the morning, tell a Bible story to the boys at breakfast from the passage that I just read, and that follows our calendar year as well. So when it’s time for Lent we’re reading about Jesus’ life and when it’s time for Advent we’re recapping the Old Testa-ment with Jesse tree devotions. I’ll post the reading plan on my

blog if you’d like to join in!

I’m excited about getting our house organized after the exten-sive renovations the past three years. I just started reading Smart Organizing by Sandra Felton – it’s a good one so far!

Another exciting prospect for me is writing, writing, writing and seeing how God leads in 2011.

Other ideas that top my list are quality time with Josh and the boys, bulk cooking, and fitting exercise into my schedule.

Do you have a plan for 2011? What’s at the top of your list of ideas for the new year?

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