Before And After – Home Renovations – Kitchen

For almost three years Josh and I have been living through extensive home renovations.  Trying to raise our boys in the midst of the chaos and change has been… trying.  I’d love to share a bit of our journey with you as I highlight some pictures and memories from Our Home Renovation Saga.

My kitchen is finally complete and no sawdust or tools in sight!  In November I wasn’t able to use the kitchen much for about two weeks, and I had flashbacks to two years ago when we were without a kitchen for 5 months!  Yep, you read that right! 

Here’s a few shots I have of the kitchen over the course of the renovations:

Josh and I in the eat-in section of the kitchen on the first day of demolition.  

Josh looking very rugged in his work clothes.


Eat-in area gutted – in fact, whole floor gutted!  This was due to the fact there was no insulation in our walls.  NONE!

The eat-in area double window looking out onto pretty lilac trees.


Double window with insulation and vapour barrier – walls are opened up and picture a double kitchen sink underneath this window where I will gladly wash dishes and look at the lilacs in bloom, in sleep, in every season of the year.

A smaller window near my old kitchen counter that looks into the backyard. 

Same window – mothing left in the kitchen but a stove to use occasionally.

The corner that used to be my kitchen is now being framed in to become a bathroom – and here’s the old back door too!

Now for a break from the pictures for a moment – here’s a HILARIOUS video Josh and I made about cooking in the midst of renovations.  It was done in two parts because of my limited film making abilities:

Ten Steps of Cooking in Home Renovations – Parts 1 to 9

Ten Steps of Cooking in Home Renovations – Part 10

And now TA-DA!  A few shots of the new and improved kitchen and dining room!

The new kitchen appliances (we got a sweet deal!), counter tops and cupboards are in…

Josh put down a subfloor (he also wrote wonderful notes to each of the boys on the floor with marker – telling them of his love for them, and the hope and future God intends for them – along with verses).  

We lived with the subfloor and no trim for almost two years…



Trim around the window, fibre floor in place, lilac trees out the window are asleep right now, but still beautiful.

Thank you Lord.


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