But What’s The Point?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve put pen to paper and felt alive. 

I have a binder full of poems, stories, journal entries, articles, newsletters and blog entries that started small when I was a little girl.  It has grown quite big over the years, in fact there are MANY binders now.  All a testament to the fact that I just can’t help it.

Written words are my voice.  I once wrote in an email to a friend, “When I speak I have no idea who’s talking.  When I write I hear my voice.”

I live the moments of my days, weeks, months, years, decades as life carries me through time.  But when I write about those moments, they become solid, a part of my soul.

When I don’t write, things get blurry and confused.  My heart and my soul fill up with all these experiences, reflections and revelations.  When I don’t write them down I feel like I lost them somewhere along the way.  Like a part of me is missing.

So I write.  To process life it seems I need to put it to words. 

Make no mistake, there are so many other things in life that fill me to the brim.  I am so grateful for these things: 

141. My husband playing the guitar

142.  Looking into my little boy’s bluest-of-blue eyes

143.  When my bigger son laughs his deep-down joy-filled laugh

144.  Walking outside in any weather

145.  The trees in the wind

146.  The sound of my sister’s voice on the phone

147.  Texts from my mum

148.  Emails from my dad

149.  Packing friends into my house

and of course, always… 

150.  More of my Saviour

And when I put those things to words, I am fuller still.

But what’s the point?  Where’s the purpose in me putting my fingers on this keyboard, erasing the wrong words, searching for the right words, praying that God will use all this… somehow.

The point is to glorify Him.  To encourage you.  To share my journey.  To make the good solid in me.  To process the bad and let it go.  To REALLY live in the moments.  To let the words cement them in my soul.  

If I don’t write about the moments, they get lost in me.    I don’t want them to get lost. 

The discipline I need to learn is to leave the words when their purpose is done.  Not to get lost in other people’s words.  Never compare my words to other’s words.  To make sure I am writing my own words, not living someone else’s words.  Nor coveting their words.

That is the point – to write my own words and live in them. 

God wrote my story just for me, now to keep to the business of living it out.  Writing is part of that for me.  There is no running from it. 

I trust Him with the words He gives me, the story He’s written for me. 

Take the words where You want them, Lord, my story begins and ends with You.


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