7 Minutes to Count

I have 7 minutes to count… 7 minutes before it’s time to put the cookies in the oven and clean up the kitchen a little before delivering the freshly-baked cookies to my two sons when I pick them up from school and ask if they’d like to go toboganning and hope they say “YES!”

The oven beeps that it’s ready… ready to bake the cookies and help make some memories and encourage me to live in the moments.

Five minutes now… don’t want to be late…

But I want so bad to go deep for these few minutes, to reach into the recesses where thankfulness truly lives…. do I have enough time Lord?

151.  A saviour who forgives, cares, loves, redeems

152. Sunshine that invites play on cold days when play is MUCH needed

153. A husband who never stops loving me, even when I’m at my grumpiest, he still smiles at me and tells me he loves me and kisses me on the cheek when I turn my face away from his lips (WHY do I do this?  WHY do I keep the love at bay?  I feel so unlovable sometimes, yet he loves me still)

154. Sons who fill my heart with one look at their face – they are growing into such wonderful young men, and I, ME, ANNA, I get to be their mother?  Thank You God.

155. Friends who will always be friends, no matter the distance, the hurt, the time between visits

156. Glimpses of opporunities to live out the gospel exactly where I am, with exactly who I am

I’m out of time… maybe I can squeeze in one more minute?  The oven keeps clicking its readiness…

157. Women who encourage one another, support each other, work together for the chance at something awesome

158. Feeling God’s love in such a strong way at the cemetary last week… I almost SEE You walking with me there, putting Your hand on my shoulder, leading me on into the future without my precious boy (for now, always remember it’s just for now), consoling me constantly that HE IS WELL, more than well, happy, healthy, whole, loved beyond measure, that You know what You’re doing and the only thing You need me to do is trust

Five minutes into overtime now…. make these ones quick….

159. My home

160. My family

And now for cookies…..



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