Turning Corners

Enjoy this excerpt from the March issue of The Family Forum newsletter

I’m turning many corners these days.  Seeing new sights just around the bend.  Not quite there but getting closer, always closer to what’s around the bend.

The Bible Reading Plan 2011 is going well so far, and every time I open my Bible I learn something new about my faith, about God, about the history of His people.

Health is climbing its way to the top of my priority list.  Exercise and eating right are back in the game after a time of neglect.

Extensive home renovations have come to a halt.  I turned that corner with no looking back!

I was a full-time stay-at-home mom for about 9 years, and now both boys are in school full-time.  I stand staring at the turn in that bend, not sure what to do with it just yet, doing my best to leave it all with God and follow Him around this corner.

Opportunities to step out of my comfort zone are presenting themselves.  Though it will be hard to step out, I don’t want to miss the experiences anymore.

I find contentment in my grasp.  It’s always been there, waiting for me to recognize it for what it really is, but I missed the boat constantly.  Contentment really is found everywhere, but actually seeing it and choosing to live in it are another story.  I keep making a gratitude list and look forward to reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp in the near future.

For a time it seemed I was following the same road, and the scenery never changed.  Maybe I was wrong, maybe it was me that never changed, never wanted to change, afraid to turn the corners and change the scenery.

I realized there were a few corners to turn within.  I saw that the scenery was always changing but I was blind to it.

It starts with one. Me. You.

Then it spreads to more. Us. We.

Turning corners means leaving the familiar, not able to look back around the bend, letting it go, seeing what is ahead.  Sometimes scary, but always worth it.



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