My Son’s Gratitude List For Today

My youngest son is home sick from school today with bronchitis and an ear infection!  Pray for him if you will.  I thought I’d recruit him to help me with my gratitude list today.  I asked him what he wants to thank God for.  This is what Elijah said…

161. Captain Underpants books

162. Best friends

163. You

164. Him

165. His Son

166. That He created the earth

That’s all for today…

One comment

  1. I came over from Ann’s linky today. I know it’s Wednesday – but I heart these thank you lists. And I hope your son is better by now – but I have this theory – because for Walk With Him Wednesdays Ann told us to study time – and I studied time and eternity – the theory is that I can pray for your son today – and God can actually backdate it to Monday – handy huh?

    My fave from the list by the way – or actually his list – is 166. That He created the earth# ( I can see how he tacked that one on because he knew there needed to be something deep – smart boy) {smile}

    This made me happy. Happy is good. Thank you.

    God Bless and Keep you and yours


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