The Gift of Time Part 2

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I wake up realizing this – just as God freely offers me His gift of time, so I must freely offer this time to others as He asks.

I line up the medicine bottles and I get ready to dole out the antibiotics:

  • One pill, three times a day for Elijah’s bronchitis and ear infection.  Started Monday morning after waking up Josh to take him to the clinic for 7am.  Continue for 10 days.
  • One pill, three times a day for Josiah’s strep throat.  Started Tuesday morning after waking up Josh to take him to the clinic for 7am.  Continue for 10 days.
  • One pill, once a day for Josh’s sinusitis.  Started after he spent the afternoon at the clinic on Friday, his day off.  Continue for 10 days.  Nasonex and Advil Cold and Sinus to also ease his suffering.  Ibuprofen to numb the pain of his broken thumb.  Cast on for 10 days.  Removed yesterday after waiting at the hospital for 3 hours.  Still sore but much better.  How did he break his thumb?  That’s a whole other post but let’s just say there was a toboggan involved.  One of Josh’s mottos:  Go hard or go home.

My men all medicated and one step closer to renewed health, I put the pill bottles away until the time comes for the next dose.

Elijah is home from school 3 days.  Josiah is home from school 2 days.  Josh continues to work as much as he can and keeps up well at the church and at home, as usual.  He is amazing that way.  He continues his building me up, his helping around the house, his weekend cooking, his loving the boys, his hospital visits, his putting together a team of people for a missions trip to Dominican Republic at the end of April.  (I think I’m going this year – my very first missions trip!)

Josh is great with the gift of time.  The gift is well-received by Josh.  He rests in it, easily slows down to share it with others, makes sure he shares a good dollop of it with us, his family, and he speeds up in it when there is much to do for the kingdom.  He knows what time is all about and how to use the gift wisely.

I’m never very sure how to handle the gift of time.  I don’t always receive it well and I don’t always give it well.  I learn from my husband and my sons.

My boys’ time is spent in play, in discovering, in learning, in rest, in so much activity I can hardly keep up most days.  They love to spend their time with family and friends.  They ask for more time with us – more undivided time, more quality time.

I long to know at the end of each day that I gave them the gift of undivided time, quality time, just me and them and time.

I take on too much to fill up time instead of letting time fill up me.

My perfectionism requires more time than I need to give to some areas of my life.

But I am grateful, once again, so grateful to have God’s gift of time.  Time that allows me to care for these three men of mine when they’re all down for the count at the same time.

These precious days they’re home, stepping in the days that fill my world, I let them change what my time looks like.  The computer sits lonely for long periods of time.  The kitchen is disastrous for the time in between required cooking or baking.  The TV is allowed more time when sick boys are around, but I make sure to share at least a little of that time with them, laughing at their shows with them and wrapping up in blankets with them.  Books share time with us – I read to my younger son for !even an hour at a time! and we exchange amused glances and giggle over the story we hold in front of us.

There were days spent with just one young man, or both, this past week of sickness time.  The days looked so different, depending on who was in the house. 

My youngest man required more alone time, more quiet play time, more “chill” time.  We read together, watched TV together, sorted Lego, discussed school, blogged and wrote an email to Grandma together. 

The older younger man required much attention, conversation and activity.  We shot Nerf darts at paper airplanes, discussed christianity, listened to music and made banana cake with green icing together.  (Josh later took the cake to his young adults group after we enjoyed a yummy piece.)  We grew together, rested together, played together and served together.

I tried to enjoy, no, I DID enjoy the time with my young men this week.  Truly this was a gift, despite the sickness that forced it.  They are back to school today and I wish them both health and happiness as they live in the time they have today. 

Later we’ll pick up the boys from school and drive a few hours to Grandma’s house to share the gift of time with her.

This week was a time of letting go, leaving my agendas and schedules and busyness for another time, learning more of the “good” time-fillers and recognizing more of the “bad” time-fillers.  I’d like to stay away from those and my tendencies to catch onto those when I see an empty span of time ahead of me.

May I receive the gift of time You give me and be a good steward of this gift in my life.  May I share Your gift of time as You ask me to and let go of my ideas for filling the time.  Fill Your gift with more of You and less of me.  Share Your gift with others, through me, every day.


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