Choosing the Light

Do you ever have one of those dark days of the soul?  When nothing in the world seems right, including you? 

The dark glasses are on, the ones that don’t see anything light, don’t see anything right. 

Time to take those glasses off and look at the light head-on.  Stare it in the eye and say “Bring it on” and start to count. 

Wrestle your will to the ground like Jacob wrestled with God and say “Bless me!” 

Then realize you are already so blessed you can’t possibly fit another blessing in.  

Not until you count the ones you have. 

Not until you say Thank You

Not until you point your face to the light, and stand there soaking it in until you feel the heat of His love for you. 

Feel the light until you need to turn away from over-exposure to His goodness and grace.

I choose the light…

167.  Blogs that help me get it all out… just a few minutes is all I need some days…

168.  So many things to do in my days

169.  Lists

170.  Food on our plates whenever we want, food in the cupboards, food in the grocery stores

171.  Chocolate’s hold on me is weakening with His help

172.  A husband who always does his best to serve his God with everything he’s got

173.  Attending a most special wedding on the weekend and praying God’s grace for them

174.  Seeing family on the March break

175.  Bingeman’s and KidZone fun – the boys’ laughter and antics while they played

176.  Driving a friend back home with us to Northern Ontario and watching her heal during the few days she was with us

177.  Others in our lives who love our boys with all they have

178.  Getting ever-closer to finishing Elijah’s woven blanket

179.  Songs and hugs and kisses from freckle-kissed Elijah

180.  Josiah growing always more into the man God intended Him to be – Let me always be an encouragement, a tool to get him there, never a hindrance, he is Your son first and foremost, I just get to be his mommy

181.  Sleeping in peace

182.  Snow still falling out my window, let the white, let the light keep coming…

183.  Walks on frozen lakes

184.  Sharing my life with boys who constantly show me the wonder in the world and ask me to slow down and REALLY see it

185.  Letting go – it’s truly freeing

186.  Grabbing hold of what comes in each second

187.  My first missions trip in 5 weeks

188.  The music that fills our house, if only we let it

189.  The laughter that fills our house, if only we let it

190.  The love that fills our house, if only we let it


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